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This page is dedicated to all watch related 'odds ends' including pictures & short articles about watch issues. We'll update this page on a semi-regular basis (time permitting)

* Military issue unsigned watch - Japan quartz movement

The other day amongst the many used (working & non-working) watches we have I have come across an interesting (It thought at the time) piece. It's a DOD issue quartz watch with Japan Movement signed dial and the following inscription on the back:

Type A-D, Specification MIL-W-6433, MFR's Part 10616-CS-12-24, MFR's Serial N. AF-52-36348, Order No. DOD 15X-S275873, Base Metal Bezel, Brass Back. Imagine my dissapointment when I opened (screw on) back to find an ordinary No Jewels quartz movement. Other than the interesting inscription and the solid brass back it's basically a 'throw away watch'. See pictures below.

PS I have learned that the item is a modern knockoff of a WW II military watch sold for about $15. Just shows you ...




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